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Where & Where Is Kava Legal? Kava Laws Across the World
Over the past few decades, kava has had a few run-ins with the law.

There was a consideration throughout most of the Western world in the early 2000s that the herb was illegal. But, since most of the countries across the world have overturned the ban. Now you have the opportunity of ordering kava powder or capsules online. And it is legal in most of the countries in the world except a few.

Why Kava was banned? Why has the ban has overturned? And is kava legal where I live?

In this article, we are going to give answers to all your questions related to kava laws. We will facilitate you with some insight into how likely your kava order may reach your final address which is dependent on where you live.

Now, firstly let’s discuss why there is a prohibition on kava.

Why there is a ban on Kava?

Starting in Germany in 2002, kava became completely banned across most of Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, The United States, and South Africa.

The ban has stemmed from a series of Swiss and German case reports that kava was becoming the reason for liver damage.

However, these reports have since been discredited. It was after finding that the main reason behind liver damage were other medications taken alongside kava.

Since then, there have been a huge number of studies. These studies have proved that kava is safe when used with the recommended dosage. It is also very necessary to remember that when the person has taken it in the absence of known liver-toxic medications or alcohol or liver conditions.

In 2006, the European Union has lifted its ban. And the countries which were inclusive of the United States, Canada, and Japan have started to follow suit within a few years. It has facilitated them with the sale and importation of kava in personal amounts.

However, yet some countries such as South Africa, Australia, and Poland have to update these laws. Only Poland has recently overturned this ban in the year 2018.

Most countries retain some level of restriction over kava. Whether it is a complete prohibition like South Africa or Singapore or a partial ban that has set limits only on the sale of kava products. For instance, The United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Kava Laws in North America

The United States

In North America, the estimated success rate for the shipment of kava is 99%.

It is legal to purchase kava and sell it in the United States. Kava root powder and supplements related to it are readily available in this country. And most of the kava suppliers of the world have been based out of the US.

You can also find kava bars in the US that have been serving kava to patrons in most major cities in America.

It is completely legal to purchase and sell kava and it is readily available in the United States.

Where can I buy Kava in the United States?

Today the headquarter of most kava suppliers is out of the United States. You can do the selection of any kava supplier whom you want to supply. And you can do so without paying for added shipping. And there is no risk of confiscation at the border.


The estimated success rate of the shipment of Kava in Canada is 99%.

In Canada, there is permission to use kava only for personal consumption. You can't import the wholesale quantities of this herb into Canada. But, you can purchase the personal amounts that are up to a 3 month supply. The government of Canada has not listed any particular weight for what they have considered a "month supply". So, it remains up for interpretation.

Some people are living in Canada reported that they have not faced any complexities in ordering kava online. They have made some large orders which comprised three 1-pound bags of kava at a time. It has lasted them about 3 months.

If you are also living in Canada, then you can also buy kava online. But, you don't have permission to sell it without first having registration with Health Canada. At local pharmacies and food shops in Canada, kava supplements are readily available.

Where to buy kava in Canada:

You can order kava from companies in the United States and can ship it to Canada. However, always there are chances for your order not to come. And on average, you will have to pay 25% to have it shipped. We recommend you order from a Canadian source.


The estimated success rate for the shipment of kava in Mexico is 99%.

There is a very unclarity of kava laws in Mexico. But, there is no listing of this herb in the list of banned substances. There are also a few kava bars in Mexico that seem to operate without any complexities.

Numerous people are living in Mexico who has reported that they have ordered kava successfully from the United States. And they have done so without facing any complexities with border officials.

Therefore, there are very rare chances that you will experience any issues in ordering kava in Mexico. But, still, there is unclarity about the legality of kava in Mexico.

Kava Laws in Europe

The United Kingdom

The estimated success rate of the shipment of kava in the United Kingdom is 95%.

Medicinal products which comprise kava are illegal. And you don't have the permission of importing or selling kava for human consumption. Instead, you have the permission to just order the herb if you have planned for using it with animals.

There are a few suppliers who are selling the kava supplements in the UK for leveraging this loophole. It is "not for human consumption" on the package.

Despite the ban on kava, there are rare chances for the confiscation of the package at the border in the UK. But, you may consider that your order is at risk.

Thus, now you have understood that it is illegal to use kava for human consumption in the UK. So, if you are living in Uk, then we don't recommend you to make use of Kava.


The estimated success rate for the shipment of kava is 95%. It is legal to import and possess kava products in France. But, one can sell it only if he has registration with French authorities. These laws are similar to the laws of Canada in numerous ways, where just the sellers of the herb are regulated.

There are a few problems which have been reported by the customers. It was in ordering kava from the suppliers of the United States to France. Or from other European countries to France. If you are living in France, then you can import kava legally.

Kava Laws in Oceana & Australia


The estimated rate of kava shipment in Australia is 50%.

The regulation of kava in Australia happens by the National Code of Kava Management. It was put in place in 2007 after reports of abuse have surfaced from indigenous communities around Australia.

You can only bring kava in person in Australia. The limits which have been set by the government of Australia is a 3-month supply. Or you can say it is 4 kg of dried, powdered root.

You can buy kava legally only online in Australia via distributor who are registered under kava pilot program. There is a new pilot program that the government of Australia has introduced. On 11 October 2019, the Prime Minister announced that the Australian Government is stepping up its commitment to the Pacific by launching the kava pilot program which allows for the commercial importation of kava into Australia.

The pilot program consists of two phases: 

Phase 1 - Increased the amount of kava that incoming passengers (18 years or over) are allowed to bring into Australia in their accompanied baggage from 2kg to 4kg. Phase 1 commenced in December 2019. 

Phase 2 - Allowing the commercial importation of kava: this phase of the pilot allows for the commercial importation of kava into Australia for use as a food. This phase commenced on 1 December 2021.

There is a lot of push towards the legalization of kava products in Australia. It has stemmed from a local herbal extract company which is widely popular as MediHerb. It has granted the rights for researching the herb which was capable of proving its efficacy and safety. This research has proved the same points found in 2006 in Europe that have ended up overturning the ban.

New Zealand

The estimated success rate of shipment of kava in New Zealand is 100%.

New Zealand comes with a rich history of consumption of kava. So, the regulation of this herb happens as a food under the Food Standards Code. This law makes it legal completely to prepare this herb. For instance, dried, powdered roots in water.

Alcohol extracts or ethanolic extracts of the plant and pharmaceutical preparations are explicitly illegal in New Zealand.

While there are numerous reports which doesn't report any issues while ordering kava to New Zealand. Some major problems occur while ordering this herb online. If the package goes through Australia before making the way for it to New Zealand the package could face confiscation. It is unlikely, but there are plenty of reports of people who are following their package through a tracking number. This is just for finding it to get stuck somewhere in Australia.

It is legal to do the traditional preparations of kava in New Zealand. But, try trusted brands to give an online order for kava concentrates in New Zealand.


The estimated success rate of shipment of kava in Vanuatu is 99%.

Kava comes with a big rich history in Vanuatu for its use. And it is still legal to do the cultivation, possession, and use of it. It is extremely common in this part of the world where a larger amount of the local population makes use of kava regularly.

Some laws are governing the kava that focus on the export of this herb. It is one of the largest sources of income for the country.

The government of Vanuatu has banned the export of non-noble varieties of kava or parts of the kava plant. These parts of the kava plant refer to those of which there is no traditional use just like the above-ground portions of the plant. it is very crucial to keep the quality of the plant high. It is along with avoiding triggering prohibitions in other parts of the world because of side effects that come from undesirable kava cultivars.

There is also one downside of these kava laws which is that any kind of non-noble kava you can sell locally. But, since you can't do the shipment of it overseas.

Therefore, most kava comes from Vanuatu where there is a rich history of its use. You must be careful before ordering tudei kava if you are living in or is near Vanuatu.


The estimated rate of shipment in Fiji of Kava is 99%.

Kava is not just readily available and legal in Fiji. But, it is also the national drink of this country. Roughly there happens the production of 4,000-4,500 tonnes of dried kava per year in Fiji. It makes them one of the largest producers in the world.

A large number of people travel to Fiji. It is particular because they could join in on a traditional kava ceremony.

The warnings in Fiji are similar to Vanuatu that you must ensure that it is crucial for your to purchase only noble kava. Some local farmers who are growing tudei kava will sell it very cheap. The reason is that they can't find customers for it in the international market.

Kava Laws in Africa & in The Middle East


The estimated success rate for the shipment of kava in Israel is 75%.

The laws related to kava are unclear in Israel and it doesn't appear that there is any listing of kava in any records posted publically by the State of Israel Ministry of Health.

There were only a few people who have ordered kava online and none of them have reported that they have faced any issues in getting their herb throughout their final address.

Therefore it is clear that kava is legal in Israel, but it is extremely hard to find it locally.

Summary of the Kava Laws Throughout The World

Because of some unfortunate reports that are coming out of Germany in the early 2000s. The name of kava has been trained. It has brought unsubstantiated fears of liver damage that occurs by making use of kava. This in turn led to the prohibition of kava for a few years around the world.

Just after the persistent pushes to local governments for overturning this prohibition. And dozens of scientific reports have proved the safety of the herb which have the laws begun to change.

Most of the countries have put a ban on kava in place between 2006 and 2010. It has overturned these laws. On the other hand, a handful of countries have retained an illegal or highly restricted status for the kava products.

As time goes on, we have the expectation for seeing that more countries are loosening the laws that are around this incredibly useful plant. This facilitates the import or sale of kava products locally.

Australia is on the verge of doing the legalization of the plant completely once again. It has been scheduled to come into effect on 1 December 2021.

At the moment, the production of most of the kava of the world happens on Pacific Islands like Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Fiji. It happens before the repackaging of it in the United States for shipping to the customers throughout the world.

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